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Riot Scared?
salário inicial de jogador de lol aqui no br em time que tem apoio é R$2300,00

"Dear Devs,

Nerf rock. Paper is fine.


A centralização também tem seu lado ruim

H2K Gaming Threatens LCS Exit With Harsh Words: “We Will No Longer Financially Subsidize Riot”


“From a business perspective, we consider it irrational to continue in a partnership where our partner earns very substantial annual profits while, by contrast, we incur annual losses of over €1,000,000,” the letter states. “The financial arrangement between Riot and the teams is unfortunately backward and upside down. The fact is that most League of Legends teams lose money.”

H2K’s claims here are quite severe—and other LCS teams have yet join H2K in claiming an unfair situation. However, if the esports organization’s claims of investing enough to lose $2.5 million on the LCS (which Lippe revealed in a separate interview with ESPN) are true, the stance of H2K is definitely understandable.

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